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Today’s painting was inspired by that saying, ‘when life gives you lemons.’  I love painting lemons with my flower bouquets. 


Here is my lemon story that thankfully I was able to make lemonade with.  Shortly after we moved to NM, I was having this weird eye thing going on. I had mentioned it to Todd, and he said check your blood pressure.  How did Dr. Todd know that?  I had a blood pressure cuff and checked it on a Friday afternoon.  I can’t believe I am sharing this…my blood pressure was very high 200/110 stroke level and scary.  The more I took my pressure the higher it was getting.   


Yikes, I was on the anxiety train.  All is well now, and I have it under control thanks to my amazing new doctor.


Lesson:  Be kind to myself and don’t be a maniac trying to do all the things all the time.  I’m working hard on that part of my life. 

'Be Kind'

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